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Indoor skate and surfboard “BoarderKING” with griptape
Experience the unique surfing behavior, similar to riding a wave, but in your own living room.
By the way, you are still exercising your entire core muscles.
The board is down in natural wood look. The delivery is inclusive of our extra long protective mat, as the roll is protected, the adhesion and rolling resistance are perfectly matched to the roll, slight bumps and many other surfaces will be too slippery.

The Indoorboard
– 10 layers of maple wood
– up to 120 kg
– Above color printing with Griptape (alternatively Raw Wood: Without Griptape – so you will quickly get an incomparable used look)
– Held down in natural wood look


Board about 88 x 32 cm

Cork Roller

The best choice not only for beginners: perfect grip on the entire surface. 100% cork.
(Caution: the cork roll may leave a white abrasion on the plastic mat)
Choose your role:
100 mm – low starting height
150 mm – for advanced users

Protective mat made of cork
182 cm x 60 cm (other manufacturers offer only 150 cm in length, but this is too short because you roll quickly beyond)

– 1 x board
– 1 x roll (selectable)
– 1 x mat
– 1 x bag
– 1 x balance cushion

Boards, mat or rolls can also be ordered separately.

Use at your own risk