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two brothers, one vision

Our goal: good indoor boards for a fair price – Thank you for supporting me and my brother in our mission. 

BoarderKING I call myself since 1998. Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, SUP, wakeboard, I have already tried everything. Some years ago Australian surfers put me on a board and a roll to practice in the living room in bad weather and at night. It’s a lot of fun just to stand on it and enjoy the flow. I wanted to have something like that. 

To spend 250 euros, 300 euros for a board and a roll but seemed too much. The cheapest set on the market was 150 euros.
Since my brother is a master carpenter and I have been developing sports products for years, we had a goal. 

Everyone should be able to afford an indoor board if it’s already so much fun. My goal was to produce a set for less than 100 euros to offer a fair price performance ratio. Fortunately, my brother has a joinery with state-of-the-art CNC production. After over a year of development, we have been able to provide a starter set for less than 100 euros. 

This is now a few years ago and since we can now produce in larger quantities, we offer all those who depend on a small budget our Starter Set for 69 euros including shipping. We are also proud to use either renewable raw materials (board and cork roll) or 100% recycled material for plastic roll and mat.

Wir produzieren unsere Bodenschutzmatten aus 100% recyceltem Plastik
Schreinermeister Florian schneidet mit der Hochleistungs-CNC-Fräse in äußerster Präzision dein Board aus
Schneller Versand. Nur 1 Werktag nach Zahlungseingang per Spedition innerhalb Deutschlands
Die Schreinerei meines Bruders produziert mit 100% Sonnenstrom
Jede Matte wird per Hand zugeschnitten und das Logo mit Schablone aufgetragen
Wenig Verschnitt durch Optimierungssoftware
Durch die Hochleistungs-CNC-Fräse können wir mit äußerster Präzision dein Board fertigen